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Arts and Crafts in West Coast, New Zealand

city-hokitika-south-islandWho said West Coast is just about glaciers and endless lakes and rain? Hikers and adventurers love it, but it’s not just for them. Artsy people will also surely love the artisan community here. From potters to painters to sculptors, we got them here. Why wouldn’t we? We’re so few and life is slow that we have to create some art or we’ll go insane.

Artists often sell their crafts in local shops so you can get to talk with them about their craft and maybe get a tip or two from there. Here are four of the best galleries, studios, and art shops around the coast:


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Marijuana Recommended to be Legalized in New Zealand

med-marijuanaThere is always a danger when a person is prescribed a pain killer. For one, there is a limit to what the body can take when it comes to pain. For another, pain killers cannot be used for long periods of time. Between these two risks, there is also the matter of addiction to pain killers. The temporary release from pain is a welcome feeling. On top of that the patient yearns for freedom from the pain.

This is the first step in getting addicted to prescription pain killers. This makes for a compelling reason for the use of medicinal marijuana.


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Getting High in Marijuana in New Zealand- Authorities Will Never Know

A lot of people are afraid to do something illegal in New Zealand given how strict the government’s regulations are. When it comes to marijuana use, the Kiwi government is extremely strict in the enforcement of its laws. Therefore, tourists going there are not necessarily keen in doing something fun like marijuana use. They just go there to appreciate the beauty of New Zealand, especially its natural resources.

However, if you are a bit more daring, then you might want to give marijuana use a try. If you are good in hiding the good stuff, you will definitely not get caught. You can just go ahead and hide weed while the authorities are not watching.

Best Places to Smoke Marijuana

New Zealand has a lot of places that are perfect for hiking, camping and trailing. If you are in these far places, you are assured that no one will inspect your every move. Also, it can get really cold if you are to hike in the mountains of southern New Zealand. This is why a little help from marijuana will make your nights a lot better. While inside your tents, you can bring marijuana out and no one will know. If there is a place for you to hide and secretly smoke pot, then go ahead and do it.

Acting Normal is Essential

Yes, it is illegal to smoke or even bear marijuana in New Zealand. However, as the cliché goes, the fish is always caught in the mouth. Therefore, if you are to bring marijuana and you won’t be too conscious about it, then no one will know. Of course, you can’t hide from airport scanners or other areas with pot detectors. However, if you have found a pot dealer in the country, you can buy one and go out on a wild adventure. You can smoke as much pot as you want while enjoying the beauty of New Zealand.

If you are not lucky enough to smoke pot during your outdoor adventure, you can just wait until you get back in the US. Check out Washington dispensary here to get updates.

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September 1, 2014
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Recreational and Medical Use of Marijuana in New Zealand

While the recreational use of cannabis is allowed in other countries like the Netherlands, this is not permitted in New Zealand. According to the New Zealand Misuse of Drugs Act 1975, anyone caught possessing or selling cannabis or marijuana will have appropriate charges. They may need to pay a huge fine or they may be put into jail.

Even medical marijuana is not legal in the country. Because of this, there are also no authorized dispensaries that operate here. However, although the law does not legalize the use of medical cannabis, there are still some exemptions on how patients can use this for medical purposes. The patient’s doctor may send a request to the Minister of Health to import cannabis from approved dispensaries from other countries, including the United States. These dispensaries offer various types of cannabis that are used for medical purposes. While it’s not yet allowed to open a dispensary in New Zealand, you may do so in other countries where it’s allowed and export them to doctors in the county, whose application were approved by the Minister of Health. Here are some tips on how to open a dispensary with an established brand.

Opening a Dispensary

You have the option to put up everything from scratch on your own, which can be inconvenient and difficult as you have to do and learn everything about the industry by yourself. If you open a dispensary with a brand that’s already established, not only will it be easier to get the trust of patients, but you will also have the proper training and support that you would need in starting and operating the business.

Find a trusted dispensary that also offers consulting, as well as marketing services for opening your clinic. Aside from consultation, they also provide training so you would be knowledgeable and prepared in running the dispensary. There are corresponding licenses and permits that you need to get in order to operate legally. The requirements vary from one state to another, but a reputable clinic will help you get the documents you need.

Do your research and get to know more about your options to choose the best brand.

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August 14, 2014
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A Risky Travel Idea to New Zealand

The west cost of New Zealand definitely has a lot to offer. From the beautiful mountain ranges to crystal clear rivers, you will be at awe with these breathtaking sceneries. In fact, it is so popular for many people to go to the west coast and do camping. The challenging environment coupled with the extremely cold weather makes camping even more exciting.

Taking Things to Another Level

If these said conditions are not yet enough for you, then you might as well try something risky when you are camping or hiking around these places. While you are there, you might want to bring vapor accessories and try inhaling pot. This is risky in a sense that marijuana possession and trade is illegal in New Zealand. It is covered under the Misuse of Drugs Act of 1975. Those who will be caught holding marijuana may face jail time of up to 14 years and a minimum fine of $500.
Yes, it is indeed a crazy idea, but why not? You have already braved the environment in the west coast. You might as well try something more. Besides, if you are a foreigner, you might not have another chance to travel to New Zealand. Thus, you need to make the most out of your chance.

Vaporized Pot is Less Dangerous

If you are worried about your health since you are still traveling, you don’t have to be. Vaporized pot is a lot better than smoking pot. When you use these
vaporizers, you are assured that you only get the active ingredient of the plan material. The dangerous substances such as nicotine and tar are already screened out. Therefore, the moment you start using it, you will surely have fun. Also, it is a way for you to fight off the biting cold especially during winter.

Despite the fact that marijuana is illegal in New Zealand, there are still underground trades for marijuana vaporizers. You just have to install the accessories once you are ready to inhale pot. If you want more ideas on where you can get vapor accessories, visit here. This might really be risky idea, but it is worth the shot.

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August 12, 2014
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De-criminalizing Marijuana in New Zealand

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAMarijuana is in the news lately. There have been efforts in various countries to de-criminalize marijuana. In Canada, the implementing guidelines for medicinal marijuana in the workplace was just released, and it cleared up a lot of things. It mentioned the responsibilities of the employers not to impede an employee who is using medicinal marijuana, allowing them to take their dose even during office hours. It also listed what the employee needs to do in order to be allowed to smoke marijuana in the workplace.

In other countries, there is still a lot of discussion and mixed signals about marijuana. In the United States, studies have shown that it can be an effective medicine against cancer and in pain therapy. There have been several states which have de-criminalized medicinal marijuana. However, Federal laws still state that marijuana is an illicit drug. This means that a person can use marijuana, but if he crosses borders, he will be penalized.

Marijuana’s main problem is its use as a recreational drug. It was first use as such and then later on researchers found it had medicinal properties. On the other hand, morphine along with other prescriptions drugs were first used for medical purposes, and then abused as a recreational drug. So far, it has been proven that these prescription drugs are very addictive and causes physical and psychological dependence. Cannabis on the other hand, is not addictive and has legitimate medicinal use. It just so happens that recreational users start with marijuana and end up with stronger illicit drugs.

This is the contention of some authorities. In some countries, drug addiction is not considered a criminal problem but is treated as a medical problem. So far, those countries have shown improvements in their fight against drug addiction. In terms of value for money, those countries are spending less, and treating more drug addicts. The United States has been too busy creating prisons and arming police authorities against drug addiction, and they are losing both in terms of productivity, drug dependence reduction and total costs.

In New Zealand, the Medical Association have shown in studies the benefits of legalizing marijuana for medicinal purposes. They have made their position known and have submitted a paper to the Law Commission. In the same light, the Law Commission has already proposed that marijuana should be decriminalized.

Besides the medicinal use, marijuana has had a bad reputation because it is an entry-level drug. Drug users usually first start with marijuana. After that, they move forward to other more potent drugs. Of course, prescription drug abusers start with something more potent, like vicodin or morphine, which were probably used in their pain therapy. These can be very addictive substances, leading to both physical and psychological addiction. In contrast, studies have shown that marijuana is almost non-addictive. Cigarettes, and coffee have been proven to be more addictive than marijuana. It has also been proven that sugar may be more addictive and have less benefits to a person’s health, compared to marijuana.

In terms of society’s use. De-criminalizing marijuana makes it trivial. The allure of doing something illicit gets thrown out the window. Most people get their first puff of marijuana because of peer pressure. They want to belong to a group, and doing something which is deemed illegal is part of the thrill. Take away that moment of illegality, and it is just a puff of a mild hallucinogen.

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